Donis – Bite Lingo [Lietuva]
(Donatas Bielkauskas ir Rasa Serra)
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra, Rasa Serra (tracks: Bite Lingo), Rasa Serra (tracks: Tai Gražiai Gieda Lakštingalėlė), Rasa Serra (tracks: Lopšinė), Rasa Serra (tracks: An Krantelio Akmenėlis), Rasa Serra (tracks: Už Aukštųjų Kalvelių), Rasa Serra (tracks: Vai, Lėkė Gulbių), Rasa Serra (tracks: Bite Lingo (McKaras Mix)), Rasa Serra (tracks: Bite Lingo (Driezhas Mix))
Producer – Donatas Bielkauskas

Donis – Kas tave šaukia… [Lietuva]
(Donatas Bielkauskas ir Rasa Serra)
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra, Rasa Serra (tracks: Kas Tave Šaukia), Rasa Serra (tracks: Anksti Rytą), Rasa Serra (tracks: Čiulba Ulba Karvelėlis), Rasa Serra (tracks: Reiks Joti Vainužėlėn), Rasa Serra (tracks: Trijų Seselių Jauns Brolužėlis), Rasa Serra (tracks: Juodas Varneli), Rasa Serra (tracks: Augin Tėvelis), Rasa Serra (tracks: Ūžia Ąžuolėliai), Rasa Serra (tracks: Vai Bruoli Bruoli)
Producer – Donatas Bielkauskas

Saint Of Sin – Language Of Light [Vokietija/Airija/Lietuva]
(Peter Ries ir Rasa Serra)
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra (tracks: Dream Of Truth), Rasa Serra (tracks: Path Of Destiny), Rasa Serra (tracks: Rising Angels), Rasa Serra (tracks: Song Of Divine, Pt. III), Rasa Serra (tracks: The Power Of Now), Rasa Serra (tracks: Touch Of Consciousness)
Backing Vocals – Rasa Serra (tracks: Oneness)
Producer – Peter Ries

Saint Of Sin – Sky Child [Vokietija/Ispanija/Lietuva]
(Peter Ries ir Rasa Serra)
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra (tracks: Angel Of The Thought), Rasa Serra (tracks: Skychild-Intro & Amadeus), Rasa Serra (tracks: The Golden Age)
Producer – Peter Ries

Dzūkija [Lietuva]
Rasa Serra ir Saulius Petreikis
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra, Rasa Serra (tracks: Atlėkė Elnias), Rasa Serra (tracks: Eina Saulelė), Rasa Serra (tracks: Kad Aš Turėčiau), Rasa Serra (tracks: Tai Gražiai Gieda), Rasa Serra (tracks: Ėjau Keleliu)
Producer – Saulius Petreikis

Saint of Sin - Into Silence [Vokietija/Jamaica/Lietuva]
(Peter Ries ir Rasa Serra)
Credits: Lead Vocals – Rasa Serra, Rasa Serra (tracks: Circles), Rasa Serra (tracks: Anticipations), Rasa Serra (tracks: Return To Love)
Producer – Peter Ries


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